NEW! The IFB Controller

Here's another problem solver from DM Engineering. Meet the new DM Engineering IFB Controller. Simplify your remotes and sporting events by adding the IFB Controller for instant communications with your remote site.

* Do you find yourself having to switch your control room mic to a different buss to talk back to the remote site and then forget to switch it back for air?
* Does your studio board operator ever forget to take their mic out of program mode when talking back to the remote?
* Does on-air programming drown out the talk back mic audio?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need one of these IFB Controllers to simply solve all of the above mentioned problems with the push of a button. There is no complicated wiring or an additional mic-line amplifier required, it's all built in to the IFB Controller.

Installation is simple, just loop your Control Room microphone and mix-minus buss audio through the XLR connectors on the rear of the IFB Controller. The output of the IFB Controller can be connected directly to your codec, be it a Telos Zephyr, Comrex, Tieline, or whatever codec you are using for remote broadcasts.

The insertion of the IFB Controller in the mic chain will not affect the operation or sound of the Control Room mic in any way, and use of phantom power is not altered in any way by the IFB Controller. The IFB Controller can also be used at a remote site or sporting event when you need to talk to the talent on the field without going into the play-by-play or color persons earphones. Simply install it in-line with the program audio going to the IFB transmitter for the field talent.

The IFB Controller has a recessed front panel "mic gain" control that can be pre-set for any type of microphone input or even line level inputs. There is a front panel "ducking" switch for including or not including the mix-minus program material in the output to the codec, including a "ducking level" control to adjust the amount of "ducking" of the mix-minus material under the talk back mic audio.

A rear panel "remote control" jack is provided for remote operation of the IFB Controller by a set of normally open contacts or a logic-low signal. The IFB Controller is supplied with a 15VDC power supply (wall wart) and User Guide.

ONLY $189.00 plus shipping

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